Innovative Interactive Technologies

Inspireware’s core focus and passion is for innovative products.

Inspireware is positioned as a leading supplier of innovative interactive technologies from leading global suppliers.  Acting as the primary point of contact, sourcing and support for leading brands in these areas.

Inspireware can offer competitive and sustainable solutions to the education and corporate sectors. Each product line namely, interactive inspire boards, visualisers, voting systems and wireless slates can be used in conjunction to compliment each other to enhance your interactive experience or can stand on its own.

Interactive Inspire board

Inspireware has the sole distribution in South Africa and Africa  for the Inspire Range.  Inspireware is positioned as the primary brand representative in Africa for the Inspire range that are priced aggressively to meet the needs of the education and corporate market.  Offering advanced features and benefits that are key to local market conditions.  These boards have been supplied and used in the local market for many years and have demonstrated the resilience and supportability needed to serve education and corporate clients. Case studies and references available on request.

Inspireware have a full range of interactive display screens for both education and corporate needs.  Ranging from front projection whiteboards, LED, LCD screens. Various sizes available and custom made requirements available on request.  The inspire boards come with a 5 year warranty.

The Interactive Inspire board does not require broadband to function and the Inspire board has its own built in software that can be used to enhance teaching in the classroom.

Having fun learning on the Inspire board

What are Interactive Inspire boards
The Interactive Inspire board is a 3 in 1 tool:

  1. Replaces your whiteboard, chalkboard, flipchart for note taking
  2. Replaces your pull down screen as it is a screen
  3. Has video conferencing capabilities using the internet with data sharing across the network i.e. remote teaching or meetings

Interactive whiteboards have 5 categories namely:

  1. Portable Interactive Inspire boards (portable panel, driven by pens)
  2. Fixed Hard Surface Interactive Inspire boards (driven by pens)
  3. Fixed Touch Resistive Interactive Inspire boards
  4. Interactive projectors
  5. LCD/LED touch screens

Inspireware can supply either of these Interactive Inspire boards.  We prefer to liaise with our clients upfront in order to understand their environment to supply the right solution to suit their needs and budget.

Based on our experience in the education sector we believe the Fixed Touch Resistive Interactive Inspire board has many advantages above the other interactive Inspire boards due to increased sustainability.

Some of the key advantages of the Fixed Touch Resistive Inspire board vs other Interactive Inspire boards

  • Easy to use toolbars on each side which assist those overcoming barriers to technology to embrace technology as a starting point
  • Ease of use and early adoption of this blends to a far better usage long term and sustainable solution which is being used and not left like a white elephant or purely presentation screen.
  • Toolbars include pen and eraser function, eliminating the use of pens in a tray and ongoing recurring costs ie batteries, replacement pens. Not limited and restricted when pens are lost can still continue with the lesson.
  • The long term costs of ownership is far lower.
  • The Interactive Inspire board is a touch screen. You can use your finger, dry marker or any stylus. No special pen is required to operate the board.
  • Using four colours off the toolbar or palate within or the eraser you can write in digital ink over applications, web pages or moving video. Overlay software.
  • The Inspire board has minimal maintenance issues and generally very durable.

  • Interactive classroom – Add impact to any learning experience with our interactive whiteboards and new Interact software.
  • Training rooms – Encourage delegate participation – no special pens needed, just a finger!
  • Software skills development – Maintain student attention.
  • Choice – widest range of sizes, from 45” to 80”.
  • Presentations – Emphasise ideas and arguments.
  • Business Meetings – Explore ‘what if’ scenarios in real time.
  • Data sharing – Exchange information with colleagues across networks.

  • Interactive Kiosks – Eye catching inpublic places.
  • Retail Stores – Interact with multimedia material.
  • Boardroom – Slimline presentation tool.
  • Process Control – One touch monitoring.
  • Business Review – Capture and record meeting sessions.
  • Exhibition Stands – Catch attention and provide the opportunity for interaction, e.g. competitions, data capture.
  • Video Conferencing – International meetings at a touch.

  • Boardroom Meetings – Add impact to corporate presentations.
  • Video & Data Conferencing – International meetings at a touch.
  • Distance Learning – Save time and travel costs.
  • Control Rooms – Control and monitor equipment quickly & efficiently.
  • Interactive Kiosks – Visitor guides.
  • Security – Secure all your presentation equipment in the lockable cabinet.


We use visualisers/document cameras to magnify,  save and record the projected image.  We offer a range of models from entry level to high end to suit your specific requirements.

Clicker Systems (Voting Systems)

We use voting systems/clickers  as an assessment tool for instant feedback, tracking and reporting purposes.

Office Solutions

As part of our holistic solution, Inspireware aims to be a “one stop technology shop”.  We provide all IT related hardware and software products including office equipment namely printers, multifunctional printers, PABX and CCTV.  We offer a fully integrated solution.

Personal and Notebook Computers and full IT solutions

Digital Multifunctional Machines – copy, print, fax, scan

Integrated C.C.T.V Surveillance Solutions

Digital Telephone PBX systems

In order to quote accurately, certain product lines require on site inspections and due diligence to identify the exact needs before a proposal is given.

For all the above product lines, please contact us to discuss your requirements for these areas to propose a suitable solution.