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Inspireware specialises in Education and Corporate Solutions.

Who Is Inspireware

To continuously develop products that substantially increase learner understanding and enthusiasm for education.
To become the market leader in the development and implementation of curriculum software and interactive technology solutions in Africa.
Our goal is to offer a whole solution from hardware, software and workbooks to teacher and learner training. So depending on the level of ICT implementation in a particular school we will be a one stop shop that can install and maintain a complete project. A weekly lesson plan can be issued to all teachers, on the program, so that they can progress at the correct syllabus pace and give details of how to teach and incorporate ICT so that the concepts can be understood by the learners.
A critical part of the success of the software solution is training to enhance the teacher’s knowledge and understanding of the use of technology.

MICT SETA Accredited Education and Training Provider

Inspireware can provide the following:

  • Basic Computer Literacy Training for teachers as well as Strategies to integrate ICT in everyday teaching
  • Curriculum Content Training as well as Pedagogical Knowledge Training to teachers utilising our Training Material
  • Accredit partners to be able to train on our training material on our behalf if required
  • Winter Schools and classes for pupils during holidays for grade 12
Lorinda McGhee
Lorinda McGheeManaging Director

Education Solution

As a core focus, Inspireware excels at building educator capacity and competency with respect to the effective application of technologies in support of educational processes and activities.

Inspireware is positioned as a leading supplier of educational content, and education technologies from leading global suppliers. Acting as the primary point of contact, sourcing and support for leading brands in these areas, Inspireware can offer competitive and sustainable solutions to educational departments and institutions.  Sole distributor in Africa for hardware associated with our classroom solution

Inspireware is well positioned to deliver, install and support:

  • Curriculum Content, as approved by the Department of Basic Education in all nine provinces of South Africa. Multimedia educational content that is rich in feature and function, and is highly interactive, supports educators and motivates learners to develop their knowledge and skills.  Our software products are visual teaching/learning aids that teach the teachers and learners in a visual and kinaesthetic way (doing of simulations). Our modern lifestyles involve lots of information, most of which comes from a TV or computer screen. The learner’s minds of the present and future have been programmed to accept and understand concepts visually.  Sole distributor in Africa of Interactive Resources and Tacklesport Curriculum software, encompassing grades R(0) to 12
  • Curriculum Content Usage and Application Training, as a MICT-SETA approved Service Provider. Ensuring that educators develop appropriate levels of confidence in their competence is key to driving adoption and usage of any systems, solutions or services. Inspireware offers initial training, further training interventions as refresher and advanced training, monitoring and reporting relating to sustained use of curriculum supporting toolsets.
  • Interactive technologies, including but not restricted to Interactive White Boards, Projectors, Document Cameras and Visualisers, Clickers and Response Systems etc. Inspireware offers initial training, further training interventions as refresher and advanced training, monitoring and reporting, relating to the sustainable use of interactive technologies.
  • Development Arm, bespoke content created including ongoing updates and advancements for existing content.

By using our interactive solutions teachers and learners alike have a “lightbulb” moment.

Our products are the future of education; they allow better understanding from both a teacher and learner point of view.  South Africa has a shortage of engineers and technical sciences, and the building blocks for these graduates are Maths and Science. With fewer learners taking high level Maths and Science there is a legitimate problem that this trend will continue unless there is a change in the way these subjects are perceived as difficult. There is a lack of teachers that understand the principals to teach Maths and Science and create excitement for the learners.

Maths and science affect everyday life, so this software will not just help learner’s better marks to get into tertiary education institutions but will also assist those who do not study further with knowledge that will assist with day to day life.

Corporate Solutions

Today’s businesses rely on great communication to ensure their success.  Inspireware have a full range of interactive display screens to get the messages across effectively with style.  Ranging from front projection, LED, LCD screens.

Inspireware is well positioned to deliver, install and support:

  • Training rooms – Encourage delegate participation.
  • Boardrooms for Presentations and Business Meetings – Emphasise ideas and arguments, explore ‘what if’ scenarios in real time.
  • Video Conferencing and Data sharing – Exchange information with colleagues across networks.  Branches can share information provided by a user using standard collaboration facilities and also assist in training and sharing ideas.
  • Interactive Kiosks  – Eye catching in public places.
  • Retail Stores – Interact with multimedia material.
  • Process Control – One touch monitoring.
  • Exhibition Stands – Catch attention and provide the opportunity for interaction, e.g. competitions, data capture.

By using our interactive solution companies save time, money and many headaches in airports and traffic, thereby being more productive in a short space of time where things happen quickly and more effectively.

Inspireware also offer companies complementary interactive solutions to their business utilising:

  • Voting systems in their training facilities, presentations and boardroom meetings as an assessment tool for instant feedback, tracking and reporting purposes.
  • Visualisers  to magnify, save and record the image.  This entails any object required for companies to study and investigate to a larger audience for collaboration and brainstorming needs.

As part of our holistic solution, Inspireware aims to be a “one stop technology shop”.  We provide all IT related hardware and software products including office equipment namely printers, multifunctional printers, PABX and CCTV.

Where it all started

Lorinda McGhee has been working in the IT industry for 21, years in Durban, UK and Johannesburg. More specifically she has been involved in the sales and implementation of classroom ICT hardware and software for the past 9 years.

Photonote Durban’s beginning in 1995 was followed with the opening of the Johannesburg branch in 2001. Lorinda McGhee was employed in the Durban branch in 2001, she relocated to Johannesburg in 2003 and was in charge of running the Johannesburg branch. In 2007 an opportunity arose for Lorinda to acquire the Photonote JHB branch. Walmac Office Solutions was born and traded as Photonote JHB. Photonote JHB is 100% woman owned and BEE compliant. The company’s product range has grown from a handful of IT products, to a wide range of solutions for both the educational and corporate sector.

In recent years the company’s passion has turned more towards education, and the company became a distributor for interactive whiteboards and other hardware. In 2009 the company became a distributor for IR (Primary), Edukite (Secondary), Tacklesport (0-12) interactive software.

In 2015 aligning our name with what we do, Inspireware is born.  Lorinda has combined her passion for education, sport, IT and training in one.

As a company we strive to enrich and improve education in South Africa.  Inspireware has a will for God and His purpose for us!