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Online Career Guidance

Inadequate career guidance has led to a myriad of problems, such as learners leaving school with only a vague knowledge of employment opportunities, little insight on career direction and those who undertake tertiary studies regardless of suitability. The missing link in effective career guidance is the inability for learners to economically, easily and effectively identify their ideal career orientation, tertiary qualification and school subject requirements.

The Online Career Guide embraces an all-encompassing tool that will support learners and students through their studies and career choice development, encouraging students to take personal ownership and responsibility for their career paths, continuously supporting and engaging with them through access to relevant information of interest.

Developed in South Africa for South Africans

This on-line self-evaluation process is easily accessible.

Online Career Guide Tool

Ensures personalized career guidance and specific career direction to learner’s based on the career direction that is most suitable to them.

Interest & Skills

Identifies the individual interest and skills, to match with their personality type

Evaluation Exercise

Interest is something we like doing. Skills is something you can and are good at doing.
Personality is characteristics that describe the way we are as people.

Immediate Feedback

No need to wait for results. Get it right there and then. As well as a report card to your inbox.

Career Choices

Providing immediate feedback and linking these orientations to career options, providing career choices to facilitate meaningful career planning and direction.

Comprehensive Report

On their personality and career classifications and ideal work environment.

Career Selection and Report

Outlining the personality type, career classification, profile and work environment with
the top 4 jobs, details of the working environment, equipment used, advantages, drawbacks, possible employers.